Need help managing and simplifying your online business operations?

That's where I come in! I am a Digital Business Manager who is passionate about helping online educators and service providers manage their remote team, simplify their daily operations, & create a manageable work/life balance.

Team Management.
Project Management.
Time Management.

Are the things listed above what keep you up at night?

Are you tired of feeling like you have to be working 24/7?

You need a Digital Business Manager!

I support my clients to get systems and processes in place to make them more efficient, take over management of their team, create a hiring strategy to find the best team members, and help them achieve a better overall work/life balance.


Hi! I’m Megan

When I first became a mom, I really struggled and felt completely unprepared. I happened to stumble across a few Instagram accounts which drastically improved my confidence as a mother. I found sleep coaches, nutrition courses, and overall women empowerment which made a world of difference in my life.

As a Digital Business Manager, I really enjoy working with online educators to manage their operations, team, and projects, and ultimately to help spread their message to make an impact on more women across the world.

I would love the opportunity to work with you and create a lasting partnership! I look forward to connecting with you to see how I can take your online business to the next level!

I'm truly blessed to have someone with her heart, passion,
and skillset on my team.

I’m hesitant to write this because I don’t want to share Megan with anyone else. I wish I could keep her talent all to myself forever but there are so many women out there that I KNOW need someone like Megan on their side and will greatly benefit from all of her skills. Megan has been my DBM for over a year now and she came in full throttle, taking immediate action on all of the pain points I had expressed to her during our first interview. We had a new project management setup with proper systems, and team job descriptoins within the first 30 days of her on my team. Then we went straight into course launch mode where she again took charge and delegated everything that needed to get done so that I could focus on the most important tasks. The thing that stands out to me the most about Megan is that she genuinely cares, she makes it her top priority to help take the un-needed tasks off my plate so I can simply live a stress-free life. She has helped me set boundaries with myself and my business. I’m truly blessed to have someone, with her heart, passion, and skillset on my team.”

 – Millie Adrian | It’s Modern Millie

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Megan is the real deal!

“We took on a major project together, and from start to finish she was organized, proactive, and efficient while providing clear yet friendly communication— resulting in the most organized and enjoyable client engagement I’ve had to date. If you want someone who will take a mountain off of your plate and handle it with professionalism, enthusiasm, and grace, look no further. Megan is your pro.”

– Shalon Ironroad | Founder and Kajabi Specialist, Elegant Geekery

Work With Me

Digital Business Management
Monthly Retainer

Are you tired of feeling like things are slipping through the cracks and you don’t have enough time?

I can help with strategy, project management, and team management on a recurring basis to make you more efficient!

Time Management for Service Providers

Do you feel stuck in one or more areas of your business and need help better managing your time? 

My Time Management Strategy Session is designed specifically with freelancers in mind to problem solve your time management roadblocks and come up with actionable solutions.

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